10,000 workers in 14 countries were recently surveyed by Ipsos and the Workspace Futures Team of Steelcase to find out how they feel about their workplace.  They identified that 85% of people are not happy with their working environment and therefore feel that they cannot concentrate.  It was reported that 95% of those surveyed said they privacy was something they required and up to 31% of people said that in order to get work done it was easier to leave the office.

Canada Life Group Insurance also conducted a survey which concluded that only 6.1% of people thought that working in an open plan office thought it was healthy, and only 6.5% of people thought it was productive. Interestingly, in the same survey they discovered that there was 70% more sick days taken by those that worked in an open plan office.  This is due to sick employees coming into work and spreading the viruses more easily.

Should You Be Thinking About Office Partitions?

Every business is unique in how it functions however the evidence does suggest that offices which are partitioned and have more privacy for it’s employees are more productive and that staff are not taken ill so regularly.

Here at Arcade Office Refurbishments we have installed many SIG office partitions to help remedy issues that our clients are having with privacy.  We have installed a wide variety of partitions including glass and solid blocks for more visual privacy. There are many options available depending on your scenario so that office partitions do not have to be an eyesore and interrupt the current design of your office.

We Can Help (In Manchester & Surrounding Areas!)

If you are considering office partitions we can with you to help you decide what is right for your business and what will help make your employees feel comfortable.  Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat to find out how we can help.  You can either call us on 01606 333 150 or fill out the contact form on the right.

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