Graphite Office Partitions

At Arcade Office Refurbishments we incorporate Graphite office partitions.  This is a new range of graphite office partitions which have been created with design at the helm in order to ensure that your office looks the part.

Graphite office partition systems are flexible and 100% compatible so that they appear to be seamlessly integrated.  Wether you are looking at solid, glazed, framed or framless they will create the look and feel you are after.

The benefits of Graphite office partitions is that they:

    • save you money on labour due to their simple installation
    • they have excellent acoustic performance
    • are interchangeable with other Graphite partitions systems you may already have
    • can easily be changed around if you change your mind in future

Below shows graphite office partitions in pieces so you can get a feel for the building blocks we use for our partitions.  We also show some practical applications also:

Here are some practical applications, click on the images to view larger.

Contact Us About Your New Graphite Office Partitions

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