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It is very important to consider what type of office partitions in Manchester you desire when deciding upon your office fit out, as these can ultimately dictate a large part of the final aesthetic. Luckily, at Arcade Office we have years of experience dealing with the installation of various styles of office partitions from all around the world.

Our main supplier – Tenon Partitions – offer a huge variety of panels, windows, frames and doors built from a fantastic range of high quality materials. Over the years, we have used these premium options to create fantastic examples of both wood and glass partitioning in Manchester-based offices, as well as further afield.

Available For Corona Virus Partition Installation

We are now installing Covid office partitions.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Partition Examples


These pictures show three of the most common types of partitioning we install from our main supplier Tenon Partitions:

Tenon Fire & Sound: 

Tenon Scion: 

Tenon Vitrage: 

Safety & Acoustic Performance 

We use Tenon Fire & Sound partitions, as they are regarded as industry leaders in both fire safety and acoustic performance, offering a full 60 minutes of fire resistance in both single and double glazed applications, as well as a reduction of up to 52dB in acoustic transmission depending on the module.

Tenon Scion partitions are known for their luxurious finish thanks to the inclusion of natural solid hardwood timber. This partitioning system is offered in ash, beech, cherry, maple, oak amongst others – all with the option of either single or double-glazed glass windows and Venetian blinds as additional glass partitioning in Manchester and the surrounding cities.

Glass Partitioning

We use of toughened glass set within an attractive, stylish aluminium frame, the Tenon Vitrage partitioning system is a hugely popular choice in the office design and refurbishment world. This system is a fantastic solution for offices where visual accessibility matters, but without compromising the privacy and discretion of an individual office.

The cost of glass partitions in Manchester can vary a great deal depending on things such as sound rating, the amount of glazed panels or whether you want integral blinds.

Steel & Mesh Partitions

We are also aware that, in many cases, businesses require a form of partitioning that are capable of more than dividing floor space between offices. For companies who keep expensive stock on-site or need to keep their records and computer servers secure, we also offer custom built steel and mesh partitions.

Our steel and mesh partitions are used by many companies throughout the UK to increase safety, safeguard important equipment and prevent theft by offering greater stength than any wooden or glass partition from Manchester that is currently in use.

One of the major benefits of many of the ranges of partitioning we can supply and install, is that they are fully demountable and can therefore be taken down and reused, either in your existing premisis or one you may move to in the future. So if you’re happy with the glass partitioning in Manchester at your current office, you can always avoid further expense by taking it with you.


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Office Partitioning Case Studies


You can view our case studies that used office partitions here: