Mezzanine Floors

A Mezzanine floor will allow you to utilise the currently unused space in your building to potentially double your existing floor space. The Mezzanine will give greater flexibility of use without the additional cost of rent, rates of heating and without the inconvenience of having to relocate. Therefore Mezzanine Flooring provides an extremely cost effective method of expanding your business.

In its simplest form a Mezzanine Floor is a structural steel platform which is entirely freestanding within your building, fixed only at floor level to the existing floor slab. Our focus is on the customer’s specific requirements and unlike many other Mezzanine floor providers our steelwork suppliers manufacture all our floors within our dedicated manufacturing facility. This gives us greater flexibility enabling us to better meet the needs of our customer and ensures we have full quality control at every stage.

Case Studies

You can view a mezzanine floor we installed for Jones Forensics.

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