The Benefits Of Office Partitions During Coronavirus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of 2020, you will undoubtedly have heard about the spread of COVID-19 across the world. While the initial panic over business closures and self-isolation began to take its toll, it became clear that the business world would have to make numerous adjustments to their operation if they were to continue functioning.

For some businesses, it became clear that employees could work just as well from home as they did in an office. In terms of reducing overheads such as ground rent, electricity and other utilities, the Coronavirus was a financial blessing in disguise. This is also a blessing for those who still have to commute to work in the morning, with traffic figures vastly reduced across the country during lockdown.

However, there are many companies that can not function without employees coming into the office to discuss and collaborate. So how can companies such as these go about keeping their employees safe and limiting the chances of spreading the virus?

For over two decades, the ‘open office’ culture has been put forward as an excellent idea for helping employees feel as if they are working in a vibrant workplace where creativity comes first. However, this style of office does not necessarily suit all workers, and in many cases can actually stifle both productivity and face-to-face interaction according to a study by Harvard University.

Luckily, there is another way that is particularly apt considering the pandemic, and these are coronavirus office partitions, and partition screens.

Regardless of style, being able to create barriers using partitions and partition screens between workers throughout the working day can greatly reduce the chances of COVID-19 being passed from one person to another. Using partitions as room dividers, combined with a quality air extraction system – or even an open window – and standard social distancing measures, you can be sure that, as a manager, you have gone out of your way to ensure the health of your employees.

Partitions can come in many different colours, styles and with many different features. At Arcade Office, we use Tenon fire and sound partitions, with a fire resistance of 60 minutes and a 52dB reduction in sound transference. These panels can be made from graphite, wood, glass, steel or mesh and can all be demounted and relocated in very little time.

These partitions can offer storage in the form of a wall store, either single or double-glazed windows for heat and sound insulation, as well as Venetian blinds for further privacy. For many, however, the key benefit is the suave look and feel that they can lend to an office, offering excellent aesthetics.

Partitions are likely to continue growing in popularity throughout the pandemic as companies look for the safest way to reopen and continue trading, and thankfully they are a lot more cost-effective that a full-on renovation.

If you are considering adding glass partitions to your office, graphite partitions for your reception, or steel and mesh partitions for security, Arcade Office can help you get up and running fast and effectively with minimal disruption.