Why are office partitions increasing in popularity?

Office partitions have come a long way since the days of miserable cubicles with little interaction between employees.

Over the last 20 years, almost 70% of US start-up companies employed the use of open offices in an effort to increase collaboration between workers. However, as time passed, it has become clear that not all individuals are personally suited to sharing their workspace with others. Many companies have actually seen the productivity levels of their staff decrease massively after converting their office design to open-plan.

That’s not to say that an open work environment is ineffective across the board, as there are industries where teamwork is more important than others and an open office design can actually lead to an increase in productivity. However, an increasing number of companies have realised that by making use of modern partitions, they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

In years gone by, partitions became synonymous with the idea of office farms, where workers were replaceable, and managers were unaware that their neglect in regard to the comfort of their employees and their need for a sociable aspect in the workplace affected their performance greatly.

Today, partitions are available in a huge range of materials and features, allowing optimal office design to flourish, creating an environment that yields a greater work output without sacrificing the right to privacy.

Why are partitions important in office design?

  • Partitions allow an individual to reduce the amount of noise pollution that they are usually subjected to in the office environment. While some people can ignore unwelcome sounds during the working day, most people are at their most productive when sound levels remain low.
  • By using glass partitions, you can maintain privacy for your staff members – as well as creating discreet spaces for important meetings – without sacrificing the amount of natural light that enters the building. Research has shown that workers who have access to natural light during their working hours are able to rest better during their nightly sleep, as well as increase their productivity by up to 16%.
  • Partitions are fantastic for creating zones of different temperatures depending on the needs of the individual. Some people thrive in warmer environments, whereas others find they are at their most productive when it is a little cooler. Partitions are a great way to achieve this, allowing pocketed air to provide insulation for the office, ultimately reducing energy bills.
  • Glass partitions help to create the impression that there is a greater amount of space in the office which is known to boost worker performance.
  • Partitions can help to prevent distraction for those workers who are easily side-tracked by the activities of others.
  • Modern partitions can be designed, built, and finished using a whole range of materials such as vinyl, plastic, metal and many more – helping the office look sleek and presentable as well as increasing worker pride in their place of work.
  • Steel and mesh partitions are an excellent way of keeping costly equipment safe behind lock and key.

The psychology of office design is often forgotten by younger, smaller companies – causing many workers to seek employment elsewhere due to a lack of comfort. Most successful companies that continue to grow and prosper will always employ the outside services of office design professionals, who can use their knowledge and experience to offer companies bespoke ideas to increase productivity and profits – while also creating an environment that promotes happiness for their staff.

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