The design of your office tells your customers and your employees a lot about you and your business.  Different industries have to pitch their offices differently for example, a media agency might have a more creative and fun look whereas a lawyers office may want to have less creative flare and more of a sophisticated look.

Below are a few ideas to get your juices flowing as to how you could potentially make your office look like an up to date modern office.

  • Perhaps your business likes to make a statement and shout about the ethos of the company – use wall vinyls in meeting rooms to make it clear to your staff and visitors
  • Lighting and minimalist furniture can really create a feeling of space – something key to a modern office feel
  • Glass office walls give for a bright look, and makes your office feel airy and open but allows private conversations to happen
  • If you are feeling more adventurous you can consider making some of the room become full of artistic flare. Consider rustic wooden tables which gives a room character
  • Flooring does not have to be simply carpet or no carpet – it can be a mixture of both.  Carpet underneath a meeting room table can seem more inviting and homely
  • Why not consider the industrial look with steel doors, wood panelling that extends right through from the floor, up the walls and onto the ceiling completed with some statement light fittings

This demonstrates just a few concepts that we look at when we are creating a modern office design.

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