Office lighting can be the difference between your office feeling warm and homely or harsh and unwelcoming.  Not only this, lighting can also have an impact on how productive and how happy your work force is.

A study was carried out in the UK and printed in ‘The Responsible Workplace’ which concluded that windows had a large impact on the satisfaction levels of the employees in the building.   Natural lighting has been proven to reduce staff absence and increase the happiness of workers.

Of course not all businesses have the luxury of large windows, and sometimes even sun to shine through the windows can be a challenge in the UK!  Below are a few nice lighting ideas which will spruce up the mood and productivity of your office.

  • Using tube lighting to make art on the wall which also emits light
  • Install lighting round the edges of ceilings to make what would otherwise be a dark room with no windows, a bright space
  • Put a new twist on ceiling lights and install them on the walls
  • Down lights are a fantastic way of making a room warm and homely

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