Here at Arcade Office we spend most of our days refurbishing offices in and around Manchester.  What we like about Manchester is that it has stunning architecture in places where you would, and wouldn’t expect to find it!

Ordsall Hall – Salford

This building dates back to the 1500’s and there is rumour that this is where Guy Fawkes planned his attack!

Old Smithfield’s Fish Market

Situated in the northern quarter of Manchester, this is what is left of old Smithfield’s wholesale fish market.  This victorian brickwork is stunning and dates from around 1872.  Unfortunately it is only the front wall that stands to this day.

Gorton Monastery

This monastery is a gem hidden away in Manchester’s Gorton area.  This friary was built inbetween 1863-1867 and was finally completed in 1872.  Some say this is one of the best examples of high victorian gothic architecture in the world.

We Like The Unusual!

We are always interested in unusual work from climbing walls to office refurbishment in weird and wonderful places!  If you have an unusual project we would love to hear from you.  Simply fill out the form to the right of this page or call us on 01606 333 150.