Making an office more than just four walls, some chairs and tables and computers is important as having a great working environment provides for inspiration, creativity and great work!  Making the work place an inviting place to be i.e. a home from home, makes your staff feel more comfortable in their workplace.


Office Interior Design Ideas – The Weird & Wonderful


Sometimes the element of surprise shows that your business is not only a great business, but has an element of fun, which is often a reflection of the people who work there!

Stairs Don’t Have To Be Boring

Some ideas:

  • why go down the conventional way when you can use a slide!
  • create an interesting banister inspired by tree branches or interesting shapes
  • stairs that are suspended from the walls
  • consider steps which are interesting shapes for example oval

Interesting Seating

Some ideas:

  • seat hammocks
  • re-purposed items such as gondalas

Interesting Logo References

Some ideas:

  • consider getting a wall vinyl made


Here at Arcade Office we understand that not all companies have endless budgets to create some of these looks however what we do offer is making your budget go far in order to get the look you want on time, and on budget.

If you are considering having an office refurbishment then please do fill out the contact form on the right of this page to see what we can do for you!