With a burgeoning new business, it’s often easy to become a victim of your own success – for when your business grows, your office floor-space can suddenly begin to feel a little crowded with everything you need to store.

Sure, you could move to new premises, but that’s not always the best move from a financial standpoint – so what can you do? Luckily, we’ve got plenty of office storage ideas to prevent your workplace becoming a graveyard for files and invoices.


Think vertically

When designing your office, don’t forget there’s a huge amount of surface area on your walls that often goes to waste. For many, floor-based storage units are easier to get hold of, but that doesn’t have to be the case, as the best solutions are often the simplest – and that’s why a humble shelving unit can be a life saver.

From flat-pack frames to floating wall mounts, shelves can be a stylish and effective way to keep files organised, while allowing easy accessibility for items often used throughout the business day. For those who are happy to use a step-ladder, overhead lockers and cabinets around the perimeter of a room keep floors free from clutter, as well as keeping archived materials out of sight.


Think in three dimensions

A simple storage cabinet is fine. But when space is an issue, you need to maximise every square metre – so why not invest in rotary storage? Mounted on a rotating base, a spinning cabinet can offer four times the amount of space, as well as making its contents easier to reach. Often controlled with a foot pedal, these hassle-free office storage ideas prevent file organisation from being such a chore.


Think digitally

More and more companies are looking towards digital storage for backing up records, with many foregoing the use of physical files completely. With well-maintained back-up servers, racks can be placed anywhere in an office, allowing for a centralised repository of data that’s accessible from any workstation. Even more helpful is the ability to find records using search terms, as opposed to rooting through boxes and boxes of paperwork that someone failed to archive alphabetically.


Think mobile

People often forget that office storage doesn’t always have to be static. Placing sets of castors beneath desks and cabinets allows for reorganisation on a whim without exhausting yourself, as well as ensuring that you always have the necessary materials to hand when working on certain projects.


Here we can see storage we implemented as part of a glass partition meeting room.


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