Businesses vary greatly in what kind of environment they are after.  Some businesses such as Google go for the loud, funky and whacky whilst others find that a more serious and sophisticated look is more suitable.  Below are some tips which are worth thinking about when considering how to do your office decor.

First Impressions

Decide what impression you want to give to your clients as they walk through the door. Think about if a reception area which ‘wows’ is appropriate and also how sophisticated you want your meeting room to be.  Also consider how you want your staff to feel whilst they are in that space.  If they are creatives they may need something a bit more fun, if your line of work is more serious it may be more appropriate to be a bit more subtle.


Silvergate Creations-6Consider neutral colours if your business is more serious and sophisticated.  Many banks and lawyers choose this line of colour.  If your business is more down the creative line consider more brighter colours that make your staff and clients feel inspired as they walk through the door.  Whatever your type of business, consider using your company colours throughout.

Battle The Clutter

No matter how many employees you have, paper always seems to find it’s way into the office and can be piled sky high at times.  Sorting the paper is the best option, however if you don’t have the time to do this regularly then cupboards with doors on are the best way of hiding the clutter until you do have time to sort through it.

Desk Arrangement

Knutsford-4-ResizeSome businesses have a clear sense of hierarchy between staff and some businesses prefer a more mixed seating approach.  Think about how you divide up your office to either assert authority, be available if your staff need you quickly and easily across the room or mix it up a little and sit amongst the staff!

Digital Print Wallpaper

Consider having a digital print wallpaper made using any design, picture of image that you require.  This gives your office a personal touch and can also include branding on the image also.

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